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How to reach LGBTQ teens when we teach healthy relationships

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CoupleWhen we talk about healthy relationships, the language we use can make people feel excluded and uncomfortable, or on the other hand, understood and accepted. The same goes for programs that teach young people about healthy relationships: it’s important for these programs to be inclusive of gender and all walks of life.

The Canadian Women’s Foundation invests in Teen Healthy Relationships programs as part of our violence prevention grants. When these programs apply for funding, the Foundation asks them for an inclusion and diversity policy.

Five ways parents can teach healthy relationship skills

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Girl smilingYou’re 14 and you’re at a party. A group of friends come up to you and one pulls out a cigarette. “Wanna smoke?” she asks, as she lights up and starts passing it around.

You don’t want to get in trouble for smoking. But you also don’t want to get “unfriended” for not smoking.

How do you respond? How do you teach your children to respond?

This is the kind of question participants discuss in the teen healthy relationships programs that are funded by the Canadian Women’s Foundation. The programs teach strategies for developing boundaries, empathy, assertiveness and conflict resolution -- skills that parents can also teach at home.

Strengthening Safety Online

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Woman yelling at computerLike many of you, my main interaction with technology is what I find on my cell phone, my laptop and my kids’ play devices. I am not tech-savvy and I cannot be described as a geek or a nerd, except in that I wear glasses and watch Star Wars. I don’t usually worry about what lies behind the platforms, interfaces and social media sites that I waste so many important hours on. 

But recent events have opened my eyes to the huge world out there of code, engineering, design and innovation that does not usually impinge on my field of work in youth programming, healthy relationships, women’s safety and rights.

10 Tips for Everyday Leadership

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Woman in LeadershipLately, more and more people seem to be waking up to the fact that women’s style of leading through listening and collaboration brings enormous benefits to just about every kind of group you can imagine. That includes large and small businesses, nonprofit organizations, sports teams—you name it.

Since many women seem to naturally possess these abilities, we don’t necessarily need to learn a lot of new skills before we take on leadership. However, we may need to start trusting our own thinking and to gain the confidence to lead in our own way.