Day 10: Learning to Love Gender Diversity

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Non-binary womanThere is a diversity of gender in our world! Diversity as in many, many more than two. Gender as in how one self-defines as perhaps a woman, man, both, neither or something else entirely, and as distinctly different from sex or sexuality.  

Gender diversity is amazing! There are a zillion sorts of identities, expressions, bodies, voices, preferences, styles, and haircuts. Like many amazing things, gender diversity can also be confusing, especially for folks who maybe realized a little more recently than others that there are these zillion sorts. People often have some burning questions in the early days, like:

  • What do I call people?
  • How do I recognize who is like me and who is different?
  • How can I relate to people when I don’t know what they are?
  • What if I offend someone?

Day 9: Re-evaluating personal security with the Internet of things

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Woman using computerThe Internet of things” is a fairly recent term used to describe the network of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables users to live in a more connected world. The obvious parts of this network is your cell phone, tablet and perhaps iPod. But it is also the less obvious parts, such as your Fitbit, your apple watch, your new sneakers that track where and how far you walk/run, your vehicle, your appliances, home alarm system and the list goes on. The Internet of things has opened up a world of possibility. Our lives have changed drastically in just the last 10 years thanks to this network.

Imagine a typical twenty something couple living in their newly purchased home. After a busy day at work they sit together on the couch. She is cold and he is hungry. By using apps on their phone they can turn up the heat and order a pizza. They may turn on Netflix and their baby begins to cry. Both grab their phones and use the baby cam app to check in on the little one. The pizza will be coming soon so he turns off the home alarm while she turns on the outside lights - again all using their phones.

Day 8: How SWOVA is Helping BC Teens Develop Respectful Relationship Skills

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Teens taking selfieSWOVA recently had a visit from an engaging and dynamic woman from Australia named Ellen Poyner. Ellen works to create and deliver healthy relationships programs in Southern Australia and is touring North America to investigate programs related to her work.  When she asked me what I was most proud of in SWOVA’s Respectful Relationships program, the first thing that came to mind is team work.  We have always worked in teams. Many people have worked with us for short periods or long periods providing dynamic team collaborations. As we all know there is lots of work to be done to prevent gender-based violence and we are stronger when we feel supported and are able to spark off each other.

Day 7: It’s Giving Tuesday – Join Us in Building GEN1!

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Giving Tuesday logoIt’s easy to get caught up in a shopping frenzy with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.  Today, however, is an opportunity to change trajectory. It’s Giving Tuesday, a day when Canadians get the chance to give back by donating their time or money to a non-profit they support to make the world a better place.

Giving Tuesday is also a day when the Canadian Women’s Foundation gets to give back to our donors across the country.

Our supporters believe deeply that improving the lives of women and girls is the smartest way to build a better life for all of us. It’s the ripple effect: when we invest in women and girls, families become safer, communities become stronger, and Canada becomes more prosperous.