I’m Sydney Shannon – What’s Good About Having a Mentor

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Girl holding a video camera“…Moments in life aren’t just created on their own. They’re shaped by the people you surround yourself with...the people that get you there.” – Sydney Shannon

Athlete and photographer Sydney Shannon from Whitecourt, Alberta is surrounded by her mom, dad, big brother Andrew, and her coaches who have acknowledged her talents and helped make her believe in dreaming big. In the video “I’m Sydney Shannon”, Sydney, who struggled as a kid with exclusion, describes herself as a “product of mentoring.”

A Bold Vision

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This week, twenty-three women will gather at the Bold Vision conference in Charlottetown. This event commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference, where twenty-three men gathered to discuss the political union that would eventually become Canada. The Bold Vision event presents a female-oriented vision for Canada, looking ahead 150 years into the future.

The following essay was written by the Canadian Women’s Foundation to express the Foundation's own Bold Vision for the year 2164.  

Seven Teachings for Violence Prevention

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Sacred SevenCourage. Wisdom. Respect. Love. Honesty. Truth. Humility. Every parent wants their child to know and live these values, but how can we make sure they do?

In the inner city of Winnipeg, where many Aboriginal families live in poverty, one innovative program is connecting girls to these values through the “Sacred Seven” teachings, one of the cornerstones of Aboriginal teaching. The Sacred Seven Healthy Relationship program is a two-year afterschool program that reaches 100 youth directly and hundreds more through presentations at partnering schools.

Why Your Voices Matter – A Letter to the Village Bloggurls

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Girl holding a butterflyThis is a letter written by Michele Landsberg to the Village Bloggurls, the recipients of the 2014 Michele Landsberg Community Award Village.

It was wonderful fun for me to get to know all of you through your blog, your postings and videos. I know from your posts that you and your mentors are full of life and adventure….and sushi. Getting to know one another and writing reports about each other, you express your friendship, your open-ness, your generous acceptance of each other and your delight in being in a girls only group, where you could feel the freedom of not being constantly judged on your appearance.