Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship

2022-01-04T15:36:06+00:00November 27, 2013|Gender-based violence|

As you may have heard on the news this morning, Simon Gittany was convicted today of throwing his girlfriend Lisa Harnum, a Canadian, off the 15th floor balcony of their apartment in Sydney Australia.

After the verdict was read, Lisa’s mother told reporters her daughter’s death was a “powerful wakeup call to young women and to parents, siblings and friends of these young women, to be aware of the warning signs of a controlling relationship and to take a pro-active approach to assisting them.”

Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships

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We've all seen the recent headlines with high profile allegations of domestic abuse. I can't count the number of times I've heard friends and family ask the same question of those stories: "why doesn't she just leave?"

Too many people assume that if a woman is in an abusive relationship that she is making a choice to stay and that she has the power to end the abuse if she just leaves.

The Time for Women is Now!

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Earlier this year, Sally wrote a piece for SHE - the Canadian Women's Foundation Magazine, about what happens when women come together to speak their minds and collectively raise awareness about an issue.

What if one billion women around the world stood up on the same day, sang the same song and danced the same dance? What if together they claimed their own space, raised their own voices, took back the night? Would that send the message that 50% of the population has had it with violence against women?

How to Nurture Resilience in Girls

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Girl in science

With International Day of the Girl approaching on October 11, the time is perfect to talk about how we can all work to develop resilience in the girls in our life.

Resilience is the ability to “bounce back” from problems. It allows us to deal with life’s many challenges and to recover from trauma. Girls who lack resilience often have low self-esteem, are emotionally vulnerable and easily influenced by others, accept mistreatment, and find it difficult to cope with problems or to see that solutions are within their grasp.